Temporary employees provide additional help and support in non-academic positions. These jobs include student workers, professional experts, limited-term and provisional assignments, and temporary part-time (special provisional) employees. Information about each of these assignments, and how to apply,听can be found below.

Temporary Employee Information

Additional Information

Requests for Reasonable Accommodation

If you require a听reasonable accommodation for the interview (or other examination part), you听must inform the 汤头条app Human Resources Department in writing no later than the filing date stated on the announcement. You will need to provide an听explanation as to the type and extent of accommodation needed to participate in the selection process.

Benefits for Temporary Assignments

Employees hired for temporary assignments are considered at will and do not accrue property interest in the assignment. Employees in these assignments are entitled to paid sick leave under the听, however these positions are generally not eligible for any other types of paid leave or benefits.听