Who inspired you to pursue your educational goals?油Stan Weisel (my 2018 Phoenix Scholarship donor)Esmeralda Gomez, Ventura College油

Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura colleges teach students throughout the county, giving them opportunities to develop themselves by achieving Associate degrees, transferring to four-year institutions, and earning certifications. Because students who earn a California Community College degree or certificate nearly double their earnings within 3 years, expanding access to these opportunities to as many in the community as possible is vital. The Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura College Foundations are here to support these students by getting them the resources they need to succeed.

The college Foundations secure funding on behalf of all students via

  • community partnerships,
  • grants,
  • corporate and individual donations, and
  • employee giving.

Through this work, the Foundations support our diverse student populations油with油scholarships油that make a油high-quality油college education油affordable.油Each year, hundreds of油students who never thought油college was油attainable are able to pursue their dreams of a degree or certificate because they were granted a scholarship from their college's Foundation.油

The Foundations also support our colleges through油vital programs油like油the Textbook Lending Library and the Promise programsa fee waiver program that makes eligible students' first year of tuition free.油油

The Foundations are united in their mission油to change lives.油Please consider a油tax-deductible油financial or in-kind donation to a 明遊訳app Foundation today.油