Participatory Governance

The purpose of the Participatory Governance is to clarify for constituents the participatory governance process used within the District. The relationship of College committees to District committees is mapped, and the respective role and authority of the various governing bodies is defined. The participatory governance process is transparent and collaborative. The document outlines how employees are involved in the processes that lead to recommendations in their respective areas of responsibility and the accountability they have in decision making.

The Participatory Governance Handbook was approved by Chancellor's Consultation Council on April 29, 2022.

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汤头条app Governance Groups Definitions

Administrative Decision-Making Groups. Administrative decisions can be made and implemented, or recommendations are forwarded to the next governance process step.

  • Chancellor鈥檚 Cabinet
  • Chancellor鈥檚 Presidents Council
  • Chancellor鈥檚 Administrative Council

District Advisory and Planning Group. Provides final governance review and recommendations to the Chancellor.

  • District Chancellor鈥檚 Consultation Council (DCCC)

District Advisory Groups. Provides recommendations to the administration; some decisions can be made without going through further governance processes.

  • Administrative Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC)
  • Distance Education & Education Technology Advisory Committee (DEETAC)
  • District Council on Accreditation Planning (DCAP)
  • District Council on Administrative Services (DCAS)
  • District Council on Human Resources (DCHR)
  • District Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workgroup (DDEIW)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (EEOAC)
  • Institutional Effectiveness Advisory Committee (IEAC)

Governance Recommending Groups. Provides recommendations and forwards to the next governance process.

  • District Council on Curriculum and Instruction (DCCI)
  • District Council on Enrollment Management (DCEM)
  • District Council on Student Services (DCSS)
  • District Emergency Preparedness Committee (DEPC)
  • Districtwide Title IX Advisory Committee (DTIXAC)

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