Bachelor's Degree Program

Bachelor鈥檚 Degrees now offered at the Community Colleges of Ventura County!

We are thrilled to announce a monumental expansion in higher education within Ventura County! The Community Colleges of Ventura County are at the forefront of a transformative initiative, offering four-year programs designed to empower, innovate, and lead in today鈥檚 dynamic workforce. Through these bachelor's degree programs, students can complete a four-year program at their local community college for $10,560 or less.

馃敩 A New Era Begins with Biomanufacturing

Moorpark College proudly introduces the pioneering B.S. in Biomanufacturing, the first bachelor's degree within our district, launching in the Fall of 2024. This program is currently accepting applicants into its inaugural cohort of 24 students and will prepare them for cutting-edge careers in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.听

馃殬 Revving Up Careers with Automotive Career Education

Ventura College accelerates into the future with its B.S. in Automotive Career Education. This program is designed to shift gears for aspiring automotive professionals, providing advanced skills and knowledge that align with the latest industry standards and innovations. Get ready to drive into a successful future with a degree that sets you apart in the fast-evolving automotive sector. The program will launch in Fall 2025.

馃Ψ A Bright Smile to the Future with Dental Hygiene

Oxnard College is polishing up the B.S. in Dental Hygiene, ensuring graduates are equipped with the proficiency and expertise to excel in dental health care. This program is meticulously crafted to meet the growing demands of dental services, emphasizing clinical excellence and patient care. The program will launch in Fall 2025.

馃寘 Programs On the Horizon

The future looks bright with Moorpark College鈥檚 proposed B.S. in Applied Cybersecurity & Network Operations, pending review and final approval. This program is designed to address the critical need for cybersecurity professionals, offering a curriculum that blends theory with practical, real-world applications.

Similarly, Oxnard College has also submitted a new proposal for a B.A. in Applied Advocacy & Organizing, aiming to prepare students for rewarding careers in the legal field with a comprehensive understanding of law and legal processes.

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